Previous editions

During previous editions of the TraineeBattle we have seen amazing ideas rising up.


Are you curious what organisations came up with the single best ideas over the past years? Scroll down  to see the winners of previous editions!


Winners 2017: Eneco  

In 2017’s edition both Koeckebackers, Heilige Boontjes, De Verbinding and  ITvitae, have gathered input on challenges concerned to “How can we help people distanced to the labour market into work.”


Winner 2017: Eneco


Location: ColourKitchen Zuylen, Utrecht


Clients: Koeckebackers, Heilige Boontjes, De Verbinding, ITvitae,


Case: ‘How can we help people distanced to the labour market into work.’


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Winners 2016: Adviestalent  

In 2016’s edition Krachtbedrijf has gathered input on how to support entrepreneurship among vulnerable groups in society.

Location: TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht


Client: Krachtbedrijf


Case: ‘How can we facilitate entrepreneurship among vulnerable groups and eradicate existing taboos and stigmas, in line with the business enterprise programme set up by Krachtbedrijf?’


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Winners 2015: Kennedy van der Laan

Location: Radio Kootwijk, Apeldoorn


Client: Staatsbosbeheer


Case: ‘Using which initiative will help Staatsbosbeheer, by employing their collection in an entrepreneurial way, to generate a structural and significant revenue stream, that contributes to the permanent maintenance of our Green Museum?’


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Winners 2014: IHC Merwede

Location: De Fabrique, Maarssen


Client: De Sociaal Economische Raad (SER)


Case: ‘How can you, inside or outside your organisation, contribute  to the economic and social growth of the Netherlands, by means of a powerful innovation (a potential Game Changer)?’


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