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Meet some of the entrepreneurs and learn more about their business dream!

These are the stories of Yvette, Paul, Martine and Esther.




Yvette ended up in a wheelchair when she had an accident with a sled in a Dutch tv show. After the accident, she started to value the little things in life more and became happier.

Because she wants to make other people happy as well, she gives lectures, presentations an blogs about a chronic happy life. Recently, she started designing her own “get-well-soon-cards”.


It is Yvettes dream to make sure everybody has a happy chronic life.


Watch the video below to hear her whole story!





Five years ago, Paul had a stroke. Due to the stroke, his right body half became paralysed and talking became difficult.

After the stroke, he started with rehabilitation and in that period, he talked to a lot of young people and realised that these young people have trouble meeting new people and making new friends.

Paul then decided to create HiPerks, a website that enables these physical limited youngsters to play videogames and get in touch with peers.


It is Paul’s dream to make sure that young people with a physical limitation get the chance to connect with each-other.


Watch the video below to hear his whole story!



Esther always had a love for creating things. She loves to paint, draw and design clothing. She decided to do something with that creativity and started her own business where she makes customised clothing and lingerie. She wants to give other people more confidence by designing customised clothing for them.


Due to her limitation, she hopes to comfort the people that step into her shop. They are maybe different, but so is she.


It is Esther’s dream to help as many people as possible with her customised clothing.


Watch the video below to hear her whole story!



Martine was born visually impaired which means she can only see strong light and dark contrasts. It is her mission to strengthen the relation between people with and without physical limitation. On the one hand she organises workshops for organisations to show people in business, education and healthcare institutions what it is like to live with a physical limitation. On the other hand she trains people with a physical limitation how they stand strong against prejudices.


It is Martines dream to set up a big experience center in which people can experience the possibilities of people that live with a physical limitation, but also their limitations.


Watch the video below to hear her whole story!