Are you up for the challenge? This is your chance to make an entrepreneur’s dream come true.

During TraineeBattle, young talent from over twenty iconic Dutch organisations competes to find the best solution for an important and relevant societal issue. This year the 10th edition takes place and that is something special. Traineebattle X is dedicated to special entrepreneurs. Each team will help an entrepreneur who faces a physical challenge. Together they will build on their dream.

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What does TraineeBattle 2019 offer?

  • Make a great impact

    The TraineeBattle is a challenging and practical learning experience for trainees and young professionals. Every year the Traineebattle addresses a societal issue. This year each team will help an entrepreneur with a physical challenge to kickstart their dream. Most of these entrepreneurs have a social enterprise.

  • Develop your entrepreneurial skills

    On the 14th of June you have the opportunity to help an entrepreneur. In a pressure cooker, you and your team will follow workshops around entrepreneurship, you get the opportunity to experiment with different business models and build towards a new concept, product or tool. Last but not least, the Traineebattle offers an interesting and innovative parallel program to train supervisors as entrepreneurship coaches.

  • Building on team performance

    During the Traineebattle your team has to work effectively together in order to come up with some great results at the end of the day. The pressure is high as you will compete with other young professional teams. An amazing chance to get to know each other better. And of course, your team could win eternal glory: the winner will become the ‘Best Trainee Team of 2019’!

Rules & conditions

The TraineeBattle 2019 will be on June

Make sure to sign up before the 1st of April.


De Volksbank - Winners TraineeBattle 2018

Devise an innovative concept and marketing strategy to mobilise 12-24 year olds to raise funds for kika.

Eneco - Winners TraineeBattle 2017

How can we help people distanced to the labour market into work? Define a business plan for Koeckebackers, Heilige Boontjes, De Verbinding or ITvitae.

Adviestalent - Winners TraineeBattle 2016

How can we facilitate entrepreneurship among vulnerable groups and eradicate existing taboos and stigmas, in line with the business enterprise programme set up by Krachtbedrijf?

Kennedy van der Laan - Winners TraineeBattle 2015

Using which initiative will help Staatsbosbeheer, by employing their collection in an entrepreneurial way, to generate a structural and significant revenue stream, that contributes to the permanent maintenance of our Green Museum?

IHC Merwede - Winners TraineeBattle 2014

How can you, inside or outside your organisation, contribute  to the economic and social growth of the Netherlands, by means of a powerful innovation (a potential Game Changer)?